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This is a special plan where you can observe and photograph birds while riding in a canoe.

It takes about 17km(Kushiro River longest course) long and takes 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours slowly from the middle stream of Kushiro Marsh to the downstream area.

* When the wind is strong, it will guide you to the upper part of the marshland, which is less affected by wind.

Here is a video image of a canoe tour.

Grace Field appears at the beginning of the video.

* We will choose a canoe to use. Please let us know your weight.
Video image of a canoe tour.


Time and Operaating season
TimeAbout 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours (Around 5 hours including preparation and movement)
Operaating seasonMarch – November
Price(1 person)
2 people50,000yen
3 people72,000yen
4 people92,000yen
5 people107,000yen


meeting time 08:00Meet at Toya station.
dismissal time around 13:00Finish at Toya station.
meeting time 11:00Meet at Toya station.
dismissal time around 16:00Finish at Toya station.

* In both cases, the time to ride the canoe is about 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours, and the time required to disassemble from the set including moving is about 5 hours.


Normal time

Touro canoe port

Hosooka canoe port

Iwabokke watergate
During strong winds

Kayanuma canoe port

Sugawara canoe port

Lake toro

Canoe tour course.
  • A guide will accompany you.
  • Price includes accident insurance premium and consumption tax.
  • The canoe is loaded with high-power binoculars and animal and bird manuals.
  • Your guide will take photos of animals and birds with a single-lens reflex camera and will send you the photo data via Gmail for free.
  • The canoe touring course is 17km(Kushiro River longest course) long and takes 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours.
  • We will go down the river for 9km, take a toilet break, and then go down the river for 8km.
  • As for birds, we will pass through spots where the red-crowned crane, a special natural monument, and the white-tailed eagle, a natural monument, are likely to be seen.
  • August is the busy season so consultation is required.
  • Rain jackets and winter clothing can be rented free of charge.

The course features the Kushiro River as it makes it way downstream through the Kushiro Marsh. When it is sunny and there are few trees,  the sky will look even wider and you can feel the magnificent landscape. Also, you can see well the meandering of the Kushiro River from the hilltop observation deck. There is a floodgate called “Rocks locking gate” that was built for the flood control of the Kushiro River which makes us to feel the history of the region.

It is built stately in the magnificent landscape. it will become one of your most beautiful memories.

Note : When if its strong windy day, sometimes it’s difficult to get to the Rocks locking gate. in that case, we will offer alternative course for the same price and same time.

  • Ours tour will be held in the National Park or in the Ramsar Convention such as Kushiro Wetland. This is the only way to enter with canoe.Appreciate to nature, having a felling of relaxation and letting you entry this paradise.
  • The Kushiro River does not have torrents. Everyone regardless of age or canoe experience, will be able to enjoy with our guides.

  Of course you can only see the beautiful scenery without paddling, or if you want to paddle, both will    be wonderful experience for you.

  Note : If the wind is strong, we might ask you to paddle with us.

  • We can make wonderful memories through a safe and enjoyable canoe trip.Thank you

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